EatWith 29. - A Dinner Recap

"I'll set a table
And invite you home,
And call other people
So you won't feel lone.
There will be food
And a unique sweet,
A casual way
To meet & greet.
People local
And from far away,
Eating around a table
With worries at bay.
Meal with a view
Does it not sound fun?
There is no catch
Ok..all except one.
You must listen
When I advice give,
And if I talk too much
You must forgive.
And at times other
Relax, unwind, enjoy,
Consider it a date
With a sort-of convoy.
Brunch, lunch, dinner
Or simple ol' tea,
Oh won't you...
Come EatWith me?"

I always get nervous when cooking for new people. Specially if the group is as diverse as the one that came over last Friday.  Take 1...Take 2...Take 3.

The Menu was similar to that done for the EatWith Team Tasting, with a few alterations:
1. Added the Chilled Fresh Mint & Clove Tea for something to sip on as everyone mingled. 
2. Replaced the Chicken mince with Tofu mince (same recipe, made with broken down firm tofu) as a vegetarian substitution for one of the guests. Oh, and I served it on edible bread spoons instead of the ceramic one. What can I say, I like vegetarians.
3. Added some Mixed Veg Grilled Skewers, again to substitute the Prawns. I am such a fan of grilled vegetables. Super easy to make, they taste wonderful warm or at room temperature. It's almost embarrassing when they steal the show. 

I also added a little zing to my decor by using candles and bunched flowers for the buffet table. Like most of my events, I had printed menus that guide the guests through the courses and what they're eating - specially for those who do not know Indian cuisine. A few of them decided to pocket the menus. I hope that's a good sign.

Many more events coming up. Please stay tuned with my updates via Events, Facebook or EatWith. I hope you will visit the 29. kitchen soon for some delicious out-of-the-ordinary treats!

People starve for justice, I am justly feeding those who starve. Peace.