29. Navigates NYC : A Tale of 3 Tea & Tapas

Tea time is about introductions, food and conversations. So what better a way to get acquainted to something new, than over a few cuppas?

Today, a few ladies who are new to New York (much like myself) visited the 29. kitchen. Held in collaboration with NYC Navigator, it was a Tea & Tapas Pairing afternoon. What is that you ask? A quirky way to make people have 3 varieties of Indian teas, along with some flavorful (a.k.a slightly spicy) bite sized treats. With questions and curiosity, stories and sharing, wows and wondrous looks, we pretty much talked about everything under the sun. Women.

It was also a great way for me to tell others that Indian tea is not only Masala chai, and Indian food is not only curry. Here is why.

The menu was short and simple, but each pairing had a story.

1. Tangy Corn & Pea Crackers paired with Cardamom Black Milk Tea : We started our afternoon on  the streets of North India. A place where swarms of tired shoppers relax with a cup of 'masala chai' and roadside 'chaat' (street snacks). The combination of sweet milky tea with a crunchy snack is enough to wake the dead, leave alone perk up a dissatisfied spender. Gotta keep boosting the economy I say.
2. Spicy Chicken Mince Cups paired with a chilled Fresh Mint & Clove Tea : Our journey then moved to a sophisticated Indian restaurant that doesn't exist. The spicy chicken mince curry that sat atop crusty bread cups did not need selling. With no signs of leftovers, the cool mint tea was a a fire extinguisher for those weak at the heart of spice- including myself! A refreshing palate cleanser, before the grand finale....
3. Carrot Milk Pudding Truffles paired with Ginger & Date Tea : We then headed towards our last stop. The sweet market. If nothing else makes you happy, this surely will. The warmth of ginger and subtle sweetness from the dates, made this pairing truly candied. And the best part? It's good for you! The combination of dates, ginger and carrots made this course a wholesome one, and while you were licking your fingers clean, your body was smiling back at you. Oh, and the dollop of chocolate on the truffles was my wild card - everyone needs a little treat now & then.
Want to taste this menu? Join me in my next Tea & Tapas Pairing!