Every curry, consommé, soup, broth or bisque starts with the sizzle of a diced medium onion. Yes, the very onion that contains 29 simple calories.

The Concept

29. Private Kitchen is a social dining concept creating prix-fixe tasting menus for supper clubs, popup dining experiences and private events. Centred around small plates inspired by the unexposed genre of home-style Indian cuisine, this is ‘curry’ with a pretty significant facelift. Marrying traditional Indian spices and cooking techniques with modern styles & stories, our events are designed to disrupt the quintessential Indian experience. Menus are secret till the day, inspired by native roots, moods & the ever changing seasons.

The Chef : Shuchi Naidoo

I started cooking when I could barely reach the kitchen counter. Born and raised in northern India, I spent the majority of my childhood in a boarding school. With insipid cooking and heartless meals, I craved the holidays that were spent watching mum cook for her ‘home-food-starved’ children. It was as though she stuffed all her love into those delectable bites and yet, never ran out of it. I used to love how she played with simple Indian ingredients and indulge in an ever-so-stylish presentation – for parties or a simple meal at home alike. She made it look like art. And today, with no formal culinary training, it is that very the enthusiasm that defines my passion.

Investment banker turned chef, I started this Private Kitchen to design meals that are about much more than individuals cooking food. Meals to me are an adventure. I am not just a chef, but also an entrepreneur, website developer, partnership co-ordinator, idea generator, event organiser, recipe consultant, menu curator, PR & social media manager, host, story teller & less glamorously, a dish washer – and all this just so each experience is nothing short of extraordinary! After a successful run of 5 years in New York City, my magic kitchen has now relocated to London. My dining experiences have been featured on CNN Business TravelerLand Rover CommercialNBCCBSWSJ & BBC Travel, and some of my recipes can be found on Huffington Post TasteHonest Cooking & Food52.

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