Every curry, consommé, soup, broth or bisque starts with the sizzle of a diced medium onion. Yes, the very onion that contains 29 simple calories. Welcome.

The Concept

29. Private Kitchen is a social dining concept creating prix-fixe tasting menus for supper-clubs hosted in a secret space, popup dining experiences in & around the city, or private events at  your residence. Centered around small plates & tapas inspired by the unexposed genre of homemade Indian cuisine, we have given ‘curry’ a pretty significant facelift. Advertised mostly by word of mouth, each of our events require a prepaid reservation. The menus are secret till the day, inspired by native roots & the ever changing seasons.

Shu3Shuchi – The Chef

I started cooking when I could barely reach the kitchen counter. Born and raised in northern India, I spent the majority of my childhood in a boarding school. With insipid cooking and heartless meals, I craved the holidays that were spent watching mum cook for her ‘home-food-starved’ children. It was as though she stuffed all her love into those delectable bites and yet, never ran out of it. I used to love how she played with simple Indian ingredients and indulge in an ever-so-stylish presentation – for parties or a simple meal at home alike. She made it look like art. And today, with no formal culinary training, it is that very the enthusiasm that defines my passion.

Investment banker turned chef, I started this private kitchen to turn every day cravings into creativity. As I work on my vision, my recipes chronicle some of my culinary experiments. I hope, one day,  meals become more communal than just individuals preparing food.

My meals have been featured on NBCCBS, WSJ & BBC Travel (See complete list of media mentions). My recipes can also be found on Huffington Post Taste, Honest Cooking & Food52. And if you want me in your home, grab a copy of 29. Indian Tapas, a self published coffee table book now available for sale via Blurb!

The Food

Indian food is infamous for big bowls, copious portions, messy hands and more-than-full stomachs. So we are changing the game! Get a taste of healthier, home-style cooking, without compromising the best parts – taste & presentation. Think modern Indian-inspired hors d’oeuvres. Think flavorful yet sophisticated plates. Think surprise combinations, articulate presentations & homemade simplicity. The menus marry traditional Indian spices and dishes with modern styles, resulting in small contemporary plates that don’t quite resemble the ‘Indian’ you’re used to. What can we say, we have a constant itch to experiment.

The Services*

*At 29. we hate wasting food. Pre-payment is required for all our events, so we know exactly how much we are preparing. No walk-ins.

All content on this site is copyrighted. I work hard at creating it, so please ask if you want to use any information. Do not copy/steal!

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