Spicy Breakfast Muffins

"I want muffins, and I want them now,

Sweet, savory or spicy, i'll devour them any how!

A cold winter storm, and baked so fresh

Melted cheese and butter, and soft soft flesh

A bite or two, and boy I was hooked

Never did I ever, for spicy muffins look!

Now breakfast is served, and lunch & dinner

I think my friends, we have a baked winner!"

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3 Simple DIY Ideas To Make Your Holiday Table Pop!

'Tis the season to drink wine. Red wine. And while we're at it, we may as well get creative (read cheap) and soak in DIY ideas that shout festive. Here are 3 of my favorite ideas created in the 29. Kitchen this holiday season. All they need is 1 part skill, and 2 parts love.

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The 29. Portfolio

Why, hello pretty.

It's here! After a fair few weeks of work consisting of editing, compiling & doubting my abilities, the 29. recipe portfolio has finally arrived. A sneak preview of what the world has been missing. With 29 Indian tapas recipes, it is a snippet of the possibilities that bite-sized Indian cuisine can provide.

It's time people viewed Indian food differently. Curry, grease and chicken tikka masala is not all there is to the cuisine. It can be healthy. It can be presentable. And it can definitely be presented in sophisticated gatherings just like any other Hors d'oeuvres. Its time everyone knew the secret - don't you think? I will now begin marketing my business with the help of this little beauty. 

Creativity is key. And that's why I'm here. Get in touch and learn more about how you can get in on the scoop. 

Time for a Coffee Break

For those who are reading (anyone out there?), I figured I should drop a line to say I will be out of action for a while.

20 days, 30 recipes, 4 followers and 372 views. Not bad I'd say.
But I am told it's criminal to miss your own wedding. Hence, with back breaking reluctance I take off the apron, pull myself out of the kitchen and move from this limelight to one that demands much attention. 
As I don that glam and glitter, I hope you will try some of the recipes I have posted here, and send me feedback/pics/suggestions so I can continue to flatter myself.

Stay tuned, see you in 6 weeks(unless I can't help myself in between!).

A pinch of welcome

When time is Leisure
But Leisure rare,
Put on those aprons
And cook to share.

Welcome to my Food Blog! I start this as as effort to post some of my culinary journeys, experiments, pictures, and perhaps even disasters.

Let you in on a secret: I plan to present my recipes in a unique way. How you ask? Well, I can't tell you everything now can I? 

Watch this space...and stay hungry.