Challenge Yourself with Recipe Bingo!

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The 29. Private Kitchen was born out of a love of Indian flavors, yet while the tapas and meals you find in our kitchen will have tastes reminiscent of Northern India, each recipe will be something new entirely. The recipes served by 29. are all products of culinary experiments, and you too can try your hand at creating wonderful flavors with a quick bingo game!

Bingo has often been used to add variety to mundane tasks, with games like Exercise Bingo and Yoga Bingo being created to try and vary set routines. The game itself has also seen many different varieties. While 90 Ball Bingo, which is defined by award-winning bingo portal, Iceland Bingo as “the most famous version of bingo” remains a crowd favorite. North America has a variation called 75 Ball Bingo and even High 5 Bingo, and even these variations have different themes as well. We’ve seen games like Bridal Shower Bingo come to life, and a modification of the classic bingo game can also help you with your forays in the kitchen.

Enough said! Let's begin. Create a list of five items for each key element of an Indian meal : Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Pungent, Astringent – that is, make a list of five items that fall under each category. Sweet can include onions and chick peas – staples of Indian cuisine; Sour can have tomatoes and lemons; Salty doesn’t just have to be salt – you could use soy sauce or dried fish; Bitter, the freshness of your favorite herbs; Pungent, ginger and garlic and other similar vegetables, or chili peppers; and Astringent: turmeric, apples, lentils, and even tofu.

Once you’ve assembled this list, you can then move on to creating a bingo card. You can do this by hand, or with the help of any bingo card generator you find online. List down the items in a row, label each item 1-5, and once you’re ready to play, roll a die for each category. The number you roll corresponds to the ingredient you need to use to represent the element in the dish you’re creating. At the end of the game, you should have six items that will play key parts in your culinary experiment. See what kind of dishes you can make from these ingredients! You’d be surprised how easily inspiration comes to those who are willing to take a few risks.

Now wasn't that fun? Post your recipe combinations in the comments!