29. Dinner Recap : The Warmth of Spice

Another dinner. Another menu. And another hell-of-a night! 

I know you're all itching to see the pictures so without saying too much, I'll jump right into the star of the show - the 29. table. 

The welcome bite was themed to bring warmth on a cold autumn evening - a Hot & Sweet starter combo of Spicy Red Cabbage Rasam Soup & Sweet Mango Chutney Crackers. Delish! Both were 29. first timers and more successful than I had anticipated them to be! No complaints there.

The mains were:
1. Grilled Tilapia and Curried Cauliflower Puree served in Gol Gappas. A perfect combination of silken warmth and that ever endearing crunch.

2. Roasted Eggplant Pinwheels sautéed with vegetables & spices, served in a chaat form. The little boats made it look rather cute - if I may say so myself! The flavor of roasted (almost charred) eggplant sure did a dance in everyones' mouth. A sure keeper for future events.

3. Chicken & Lentil curry served atop Brown Rice Ajwain Pulao , finished with warm Alfalfa sprouts. A slight asian touch on an otherwise typical Indian dinner dish. If anyone was still hungry, this filled in the gaps just right.

The sweet end to it all was my second experiment of the day. A smooth Carrot Chocolate Pudding served with Cinnamon Cream. I usually make this with rice, like kheer, but decided to use a bunch of sweet winter carrots instead that were threatening to take over my refrigerator. The result was, to say the least, a great end to a creatively enjoyed meal. And the sprinkles brought an early christmas cheer to my gathering. Oh joy! [recipe coming soon]

Was this my most-loved menu yet? Someone did ask for an autograph, so perhaps it was. But only till the next one.

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