Recipe Recap : 10 Easy-To-Do Desserts

Food is easy. It's the dessert that gets me thinking. 

Like me, many others find it hard to think of that perfect end to a meal. Specially when you're entertaining. So here is a quick round up of 10 of my quick, delicious and easy-to-do sweet treats. 

It's never too late to impress the neighbors. Vote for your favorite via comments!

1. Masala Chai Cookies - Tea & treat in one, this can be eaten as a snack or crushed with some ice cream for that after-dinner craving. 
2. Almond Coconut Macaroons - Sooo easy to do, ready in minutes and perfectly satisfying. You will forget about store-bought (read full of preservatives!) macaroons once you have tried these.
3. Eggless Raspberry Tiramisu - For the no-egg no-bake give-me-something-simple-to-do recipe fans! Full of mingling flavors, this dessert ages with time. You will find it best when it's about to get over, so always make one in reserve!
4. Cardamom Semolina Halwa Truffles - A twist on the old classic - sooji halwa! A buttery bite coated with coconut, this is my favorite mid-day pop in. I may eat 8 of them but at least I don't eat a whole bowl. And yes, I find comfort in that.
5. Pomegranate & Blueberry Kheer - Dressed in colors, this incorporates the summer fruits like no other. Oil free and refreshing, I find it a good alternative to the regular go-to chocolate desserts.
6. Maple & Walnut Cake - Sugar free sweets can be tough, specially when I prefer not to use artificial sweeteners  But this was a winner. Maple syrup has an earthy and deeply caramel tone that works amazingly in cake. Don't believe me? Well, give it a bake.
7. Toasted Coconut Ladoos - Coconut mmmm...Easy and clean to serve, this will appeal to the Bounty lovers! Sprinkle with some chocolate sauce and nuts to make it indulgent - if you're into that sort of thing that is. 
8. Mini Coffee Cupcakes w/ Walnut Crumble - I saved this for HuffPost. People say baking is an art. I call it a miracle. I made these in under 30 minutes, and without much attention to measures, they came out preciously edible. My aunt vouches for these, so if you don't like the recipe, you need to hunt her down. I am but the cook. 
9. Caramel Bread Pudding - A one-pot whip up, this is a great way to use excess bread lying around the house. Keep it low on the sweet, and you can also have it for breakfast!
10. Carrot Halwa Parfait - Recipe coming soon up now! A favorite of mine that I use for many events, it is simple and delectable. Not to mention low-fat! Promise it will not disappoint.