Spicy Rajma (Kidney Beans) with Baked Eggs

“These curried eggs
Will leave any meal behind,
With it’s flavor and spice
It’s an epic find.
Warm and comforting
A recipe from a hunch,
Coupled with some bubbly
For that perfect weekend Brunch.
Don’t divide, don’t share
One of them, one for you,
And as you take that bite
You’ll say Thank You Shu!”

I hear you, this is not Tapas. But hey, if I experiment with a dish as beautiful as this, it's only fair that I share it with you.

I was inspired by mexican style eggs we had for Brunch the other weekend. And if Mexicans can do it, so can we. Warm & comforting, this was a quite a satisfying meal-in-a-pot - even for me - someone who doesn't quite like eggs! The spiced flavors from the kidney beans compliment the eggs very well, making is the kind of dish love on the weekends with a glass of chilled mimosa. 

Sharing? What's that?

1 cup boiled kidney beans (don’t drain the liquid)
½ cup cherry tomatoes, halved
½ red onion, sliced lengthwise
½ teaspoon cumin seeds
3-4 green chilies, finely chopped
1 teaspoon coriander powder
½ teaspoon garam masala
½ teaspoon turmeric powder
½ teaspoon dry mango powder (amchoor)
A pinch of asafetida powder
2 tablespoons olive oil
¼ cup frozen sweet corn
½ teaspoon salted butter
2 small-medium sized eggs
Salt & pepper to taste

PS- Would also work great if you have left over kidney bean curry. The flavors always taste better after a day or two!
Pre-heat the oven to 400 degree F.
Heat the olive oil in a non-stick pan. Add the cumin seeds, green chilies, onions and tomatoes and cook till onions are translucent. Cover and cook for another minute till the tomatoes are tender and begin to leave water. Now add all the dry spices, and the kidney beans, along with ½ cup water. Cover and simmer on medium flame for 8-10 minutes. Remove cover, turn flame to high and cook for another 3-4 minutes, till the gravy is thick. Keep aside to cool.
Melt the butter in a cast iron skillet over medium flame. Add one egg along with the kidney beans and corn. Mix to scramble slightly, and let the mixture set for a minute. Remove from heat and break the other egg on top. Transfer to the oven and bake for 12-15 minutes, till the egg is cooked through. (I don’t like the centre runny but if you prefer it that way then cook for only 7-8 minutes, or just till the whites are cooked).
Sprinkle with chopped onions, cabbage, salt, pepper & paprika and serve hot.