Volunteering with Chef Jehangir Mehta & The WITS Annual Benefit (22April2013)

"Cutlery was out, tables were laid
People walked in, smiles were exchanged
Lights turned dim, room filled with noise
Photographer flashes, women with poise
Small bites many, vegetables dumplings with soy
Tastes & conversation, bites of joy
Amidst the buzz, auctions were sold
As the night progressed, stories were told
Chefs & children, food for thought
A night with a cause, well wishers sought
 Jazz for the ears, celebrities in sight
Eating & mingling, wishing goodnight
An experience for keeps, opportunity of gold
Just at hello, I was sold."

Last night I had the opportunity to volunteer with Iron Chef contestant, Chef Jehangir Mehta (chef & owner - Graffiti & Mehtaphor) at the WITS Annual Benefit Ball in Tribeca!

More than 40 restaurants volunteered tastings for charity that benefited the WITS organization - Wellness In The Schools. An organization that "inspires healthy eating, environmental awareness and fitness as a way of life for kids in public schools". Mehtaphor was one of the stalls, and Chef Jehangir wowed the crowd with his taste of asian fusion with the Vegetable Dumpling Chaat - a savory dish of mixed vegetable dumplings tossed in light chili soy, tomatoes, onions and finished with Indian sev (fried indian noodle snack) for a crunch. The plates disappeared faster than we could replace them, and  people did not quite want to say goodbye as they kept coming back for more. I, for one, can say I saw one distinguished guest relish at least 15 dumplings. Hey, no one's complaining, all's fair in the name of charity!

Some of the other features were reBar with a smooth tantalizing dish of cheesy polenta, truffle & salmon roe, Alice's Tea Cup with melt-in-the mouth mini red velvet cupcakes and pumpkin spice scones, Levain Bakery with a choice of gooey fudgy cookies, Ammirati Coffee & many many more. This was one night where I wish I could get a stomach for hire!

I was helping out so didn't take my camera to capture the buzz, beauty and bountiful food, but I did use my phone (thank god for technology) to capture some of the moments. 
The Delectable Dumpling Chaat
Atsuko-san (Chef Jehangir's lovely assistant) & Me
Some of the other delish food at the event
Chef Jehangir's Book- Mantra
One of the restaurants setting their table - gearing up for the crowd
All that hard work paid off - ended the night with a palatable plum sour & rum cocktail. Hello, purple!
The Team (from left) - Gee, Atsuko-san, Thomas, Chef Jehangir, Me & Christian.
Hurrah! to a great night, great people and of course some gorgeous food.