29. Tasting Part II - Of Desserts, Discussions & Dining

"This little game is easy to play, 
And is our little ice breaker for the day,
You just add, subtract, multiple, divide or more
And there is a prize for the highest score.  
Give yourself 5 if you came by car. 
And add 8 if you spent last night in a bar
Spectacles are cute, add 2
6 points more if your eyes are blue. 
Subtract 5 if you are wearing pink, 
But multiply by 4 if you are showing some skin. 
Count all your buttons, each gives you 1, 
Except if they're white, then you get none. 
Add 10 if coffee makes you say yay,
But divide by 5 if you have a starbucks each day.
Now here's a little chance to score better, 
Add 6 if you're wearing a sweater. 
1 point for each year that you have been wed, 
But take away 5 if today you didn't make your bed. 
Spring is for food, if you're a foodie multiple by 3- hurry!
And of course, divide by 6 if you hate curry.
If you kissed your husband/wife/bf/gf today, add 12, 
But If you kissed them both 20 you must shelve 
If you enjoy travel, multiple by 5 
Add another 10 if you've done a sky-dive
Now that's all there is, so total your score, 
Don't cheat, and add a fictitious 4!
But wait, there is an added bait
For those who arrived not a minute late
You know who you are, add 10 today
Punctuality pays, what can I say!"
Great way to get the conversation started - don't you think? Games and a few laughs always put people at ease, specially me, so I used this as an ice breaker for the 29. Calories second Tasting held yesterday, 7th April 2013! And congratulations Laura, for winning the gift hamper - set of 3 edible candles. Yes, you heard right, edible candles. 

Fifteen wonderful people attended to taste, critique and provide invaluable feedback on a 4-course tasting menu.  With spring in the air, and a dessert themed table dressing, the afternoon was colorful, entertaining and hopefully satisfying. 

Each dish was made to mimic a popular dessert and the menu consisted of:

1. Pav Bhaji Sundae - Bharta Sliders served in sundae cups.
2. Gobi Cupcakes - Mini Curried Cauliflower Frittata with a Mint Yogurt frosting (Add 4 extra eggs to the pizza recipe for firmness, and baked it in mini cupcake moulds for the shape).
3. Chicken Pops - A deconstructed Butter Chicken. Chicken meatballs w/ naan pieces served with a tangy tomato cream dipping sauce. A variety of 'sprinkles' accompanied the ensemble for that crunch I love.
4. Phirni Pudding - Phirni (ground rice pudding) served with burnt sugar bits and a jelly glaze in tall shot glasses. And raspberries are the very best to dress a dish, simple yet elegant.
Alongside the tasting menu were some effortless yet, refreshing palate cleansers that also served as starters for the (few) early birds:

1. Cucumber Boats - filled with a mixture of minced turkey ham, veggie cream cheese & herbs. 
2. Fruit Chaat Sticks - A first timer, these were skewers of bananas, apples, strawberries & blueberries tossed in fresh orange juice, crushed mint & chaat masala. Ooh, how they echoed spring!

I wish you were there, but here are some more pictures from the event for you to feast on. And if you're still tempted, simply contact me to set up the table for your next event. Nothing makes me happier than helping others with a full stomach.
Happy monday everyone.