10 Things You Can Do with Leftover Lentils & Beans (A Recipe Revisit)

"Too many leftovers, not enough mouths to feed
Oh that pot in the fridge, looks in dire need,
Of love, care and a celebration new
Where you can have your dal, and eat it too,
Don't give in to the stares, the eyes that shed a tear
'Please consume me', or banish me to the sewer,
Instead work your magic, save a starving children few
Abracadabra, shazaam, a re-invented meal for you!"

Did your less than perfect measurements resulted in an excess portion of your much-loved beans or lentils? Or did you have a party where beer won over the barrel of dal soup? Nodding your head? Let's be honest, this is a problem for most people. And yes, it happens to me too. More often than you can imagine actually!

Everyone can do with a bit of variety in their day to day meals, so here are 10 great ways to use those  lentils & beans that have been lingering in your refrigerator. Don't let them eye you into guilt-eating into them. Re-create, re-serve & rejoice. Then eat them.

1. Party favorites - Lentil Phyllo Cups
2. A step away from the usual - Lentil Paranthas
3. Dinner for two - Lentil Pasta
4. Vegetarians deserve meat too - Kidney Bean Kebabs
5. Breakfast anyone? Lentil Pancakes
6. Enjoy a healthy snack with these - Eggplant & Lentil Fritters
7. A bit of work, but why not! Lentil & Cabbage Tarts
8. Simplicity galore, the everyday staple - Wholewheat Lentil Roti
9. A twist on the Indian rajma curry - Mexican Beans & Rice or Beans & Sausage Rice on Potato Cups
10. Dress your meatballs - Chicken meatballs in Dal

Like leftovers, old recipes need to be brought out from that closet too.

What are your left-over secrets?