29 Indian Tapas in 29 Days - A Recap

March 1st to 29th were exciting, yet trying days for me. I made a promise to the virtual food blogger world that I will come up with 29 new & original recipes for Indian Tapas in the 29 days that followed the launch of my business

Did I succeed? You tell me! And be kind - I am petrified of failure. 
How did it feel? Apart from aching arms (from the cooking), numb taste buds (from all the tasting) and sore eyes (from all the photo taking & editing), it was quite a ful-'filling' experience. 

For those who missed it, or are lazy to search for the recipes, here is a quick recap. 

29. will be taking a short break for an upcoming event. More recipes to follow after that! Till then, try these and tell me which ones were your favorites? Please comment on this post and let me know!
  1. Mint Chicken Dumplings
  2. Curried Guacamole
  3. Indian Macaroons
  4. Hakka Noodle Petites
  5. Drunken Semolina Cakes
  6. Indian Sushi
  7. Beer Bread Pakora
  8. Peach Gujia Parfait
  9. Rice Cake Bhel Puri
  10. Samosa Cups & Mini Naans
  11. Paneer, Edamame & Carrot Stew
  12. Onion Parantha Cones with Pickled Tomato Chutney
  13. Okra Chips with Yogurt Sriracha Dip
  14. Eggless Caramel Bread Pudding
  15. Brown Rice Kimono Balls
  16. Hot Chocolate Barfee
  17. Shrimp Red Curry Idli Pops 
  18. CousCous & Mint Chicken Tikka Cups
  19. Spinach Corn Deep Dish Pizza Bites
  20. Cucumber Boats
  21. Masala Chai Cookies
  22. Paella-style Spinach Biryani
  23. Farro Dosa with Curried Chicken Salad
  24. White Chocolate-Thandai-Malibu Mini Mudcakes
  25. Chicken & Farro Siu Mai
  26. Mango Phirni on Edible Spoons
  27. Broccoli Pakora (Fritters) Sticks
  28. Masala Gobi (Cauliflower) 'Pizza'
  29. Turkey Poori Rolls with Chili Mango Chutney