1 Dinner, 2 Years & 3 Dishes

"Marriage is tricky
And so is being a Naidoo,
The way to keep going
Is eating the right food.

Why must I toil & click
If not for appetite of love,
What's cooked must be eaten
And eating = a celebration fun!

Year one I was nervous
Of what might be,
But what year two should bring
Was dictated by me.

Now who will win year three
Remains to be seen,
But for now I'll keep creating
A dinner ever so mean.

And as we grow and become
Stronger, yet people new,
Those little disagreements can be forgotten
In a bite of tapas few!"

Our (belated) 2nd Anniversary Menu
For year 1- Learning the family ropes.
Mini versions of The Naidoo Fishcakes (substituted tinned mackerel with fresh boiled tilapia, reduced potato to 1/2 and added some tandoori masala for that added zing! Naidoos- beat that!)

For year 2 - Getting comfortable, being Indian.
Samosa Cups & Mini Naans, generously buttered and with a chipotle mint yogurt dip

For the upcoming year 3- Taking the easy way out.
Layered Rice Cake Bhel Puri

All ungraciously drowned with copious amounts of wine. Hurrah.