29 Calories Business Launch Event 28/02/2013

The flags were set
And menus were out,
The bubbles were curious
What the buzz was all about..
The table was set
With playful food,
Carefully crafted
To set the mood..

The hostess adorned
A dress she bought,
But didn't still enjoy
Getting in the shot,
The room began to fill
With ideas, critics & praise,
As everyone ate
And glasses did raise,

Sliders to pasta
Indian chaat for some,
Devilish little cheesecakes
For the last bit of fun, 
Toast and talk
Taste of the era new,
Of Indian Tapas
Created just for you,
And the day closed
With a ribbon snapped,
Applauding a new chapter
And getting on the map,

29 calories believes,
And is not being coy,
In sharing it's creativity
For you all to enjoy.
So, ladies and gentleman
I now officially say,
29 business has launched,
And... is here to stay."
29 Calories launched it's business arm yesterday! Hoorah!
As a food consulting service, it will focus on small plates and tapas inspired by Indian/Indo-fusion cuisines. The central idea behind the business is the creativity behind the food, and not just the food itself. Please visit my business webpage for more information and details on the services offered.  The links are also available on the top panel on this blog. 

Here are some more pictures from the launch event. It was a lot of fun experimenting & creating the menu (with several eliminations rounds if I may add!), cooking up the 'final' storm and letting it all unfold... A slight proud moment for me. Then there was also the hilarious who-can-be-a-good-hand-model competition amongst some of the guests. Someone did win, but I won't say who.

The food was made for 12, but finished by 8 guests. Need I say more.

All featured recipes
1. Veg & Sausage Grilled Sticks (from my Oscars for Commoners menu)
2. Eggplant Sliders - Recipe here
3. Lentil Pasta - Recipe here. (Used spaghetti and added a slight variation of my Minced Cauliflower Salad Bake on top as a garnish and for flavor. I also kept the Lentil sauce separate and let the guests pour it on their pasta bowls when they were ready to eat!) 

4. Carrot Halwa Mini Cheesecake - Recipe here (Topped with a delicious caramelized sugar + whipped cream frosting)
5. Mexican Pinwheels - Recipe here
6. Chicken Chaat Poppers - Adapted from my Mushroom Pani Puri. Used chicken instead of mushrooms, and added a sweet tamarind sauce for a tang!