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Dining Experiences & Supperclubs

"Oh, it was a lovely time. Shuchi was such an amazing host. Her apartment was absolutely gorgeous, and she was very warm and engaging and she made everyone feel like we'd known each other much longer than two hours. And then there was the food! Shuchi's food was just...amazing. The dishes were complex, but not complicated, you know? And her style of Indian-American fusion was so very refined and elevated, I can't believe she came up with those beautiful menu items without any formal training!" - Krystal

"The Thanksgiving treat hosted by Shuchi was a wonderful experience. The variety in the dishes, the flavors and the global twist to Indian dishes were all excellent. I was most impressed by the quantity of each dish that teased the tongue beds while leaving room for the rest of the fare. The ambiance and company were the perfect icing on the cake!"- Meera

"Exceptional dinner! Shuchi blew us away with her approach to modern Indian cuisine..... " - Nicole

"All the food on the menu was delicious; while the flavors and types of food were surprising (a cashew curry and and indian take on ragu for example), the flow of flavors from dish to dish was seamless. The [space] was cozy and well-lit, with a stunning view of the city and the other guests were funny and interesting." - Victoria

"Loved it, loved it, loved it. My first experience was a definite winner thanks to Shuchi. The atmosphere was friendly and the food was delicious. It's an experience I'll eagerly retell to all my foodie friends." - Isaac

"As soon as Shuchi opens the door to greet you, she treats you like an old friend with her warm and sunny personality! The 5 course meal she created, you could tell that it took a lot of thought and creativity on what she was trying to show us diners that Indian food doesn't have to be stereotypical and always consist of "curry"! Her meals are so inspiring that I have signed up for another one!" - Shirley

"I had a very fun evening. I got to meet different people and enjoyed having conversation over some yummy Indian food. This is not your regular Indian food that you would probably feel bloated after eating. It was light and unique. It is hosted in the chef's apartment which has a stunning view of the city. I would definitely eat here again when I visit the city." - Nicolette

"My fiance and I had the pleasure of eating with Shuchi for our first (supperclub) experience. What a wonderful evening!! Shuchi's takes Indian cooking to a new level, drawing on flavors from many regions and producing inventive, modern dishes. Her passion for food and experimentation is evident in both the dishes and her wonderful explanations. Thank you!!!" - Chris

"Who knew that Indian food can be so fresh and delicate? Shuchi has a very unique style of cooking and she gives Indians classics interesting and modern interpretation. Every dish is more beautiful than the other... and the entire meal is balanced and delicious. The view from her apartment is also a treat! Book it for a romantic dinner with your love, and it will be one to remember" - Naama

"Amazing evening with great food, stunning views and a very gracious host. The food was unique, with traditional indian flavors retransformed into bite-size, fun dishes, and the presentation was oh-so-beautiful!"- Tali

"What a wonderful surprise ! First, I had never think of tapas being possibly associated with indian food. Then, Shuchi is not cooking just "regular" indian food. It is closer to gastronomy: fine, tasty, and so thoughfully presented ! The marriage of teas and tapas is excellent and unusual. I really appreciated discovering new flavors, and most of all being amazed. Does not happen that often!" - Odile

"I had an amazing time with Shuchi - her cooking is incredible, and is really a warm and inviting host. Her Indian tapas were delectable, and so was the view. Will be back!" - Corey

"Shuchi is a gracious host. Her food is delicious, light and has complex flavors. I definitely recommend having indian tapas with Shuchi" - Irina

"Who knew that small portions could lead to big results? Shuchi presented us with take on Indian food, tapas style. While respecting the roots of the food, she came up with an exquisite combination of flavors and presentation of the dishes worthy of a fine dining restaurant.....If you're in New York and have a chance to partake in any of Shuchi's events, take it. Both experienced and novice eaters of Indian food will find it worth their while." - Johan

"Shuchi is an amazing host and an equally amazing cook! You can tell she puts a lot of thought and detail into her cooking and it tastes delicious. Her apartment is also stunning!...." - Melissa

"Dinner with Shuchi was simply amazing. The food was delicious and presented beautifully. It was a great dining experience and I highly recommend Shuchi as a host!" - Connie

"Shuchi served her plates and provided thoughts behind her inspiration, making each bite that much more enticing and savory. And each bite did not disappoint at all. Her soft touches with indian spices were evident in her [dishes], providing a delicate reminder without taking away from the fresh vegetables. Each dish evolved throughout the night and provided the worthwhile experience. Recommend those looking for a hidden gem of great food in NYC to sign up with Shuchi. You will not be disappointed." - Nimesh

"Shuchi [is an] excellent host. Shuchi's fresh take on serving Indian tapas style is an excellent idea. Like many people, I can not enjoy Indian food more than once every few months because it usually leaves you feeling not so great. Having traveled to India last year and getting to experience home cooked Indian food, I was blown away with how real Indian food tasted so I was excited to go to this event. I highly recommend Shuchi cooking and her Indian tapas experience..." - Caroline

"Last night was the first time I had dinner with Shuchi, and she brought Indian food to another level! The presentation was beautiful and everything was so flavorful and delicious, I couldn't stop myself from going for seconds and thirds. Her apartment might have the most gorgeous view in all of Manhattan, and I can't wait to go back!" - Gigi

"What an amazing experience and presentation. This was my first EatWith tasting, and Shuchi is a beautiful host. Her Indian Tapas were creatively presented. Her location has a beautiful skyline of New York, which adds to the ambiance of the evening. And, the experience is a great way to meet new people and learn about other cooks. Thank you, Shuchi for a beautiful evening!" - Sanura

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Private Events

"Shuchi is an incredible chef, host, and overall nice person. She hosted 9 of us for a birthday dinner party and exceeded all of our expectations. Shuchi made the booking extremely easy, and was attentive to all of our needs. Our evening with Shuchi is one I will remember for a long time! Thank you" - Jeff

"Thanks for all the hard work. It was a successful event for me and I am glad I found you. Folks loved the food and took bags of goodies. Your food presentation is outstanding!" - Swati

"Shuchi was a delightful host! Her food was delicious, balanced, and beautiful, and she went out of her way (even making gluten free bread from scratch!) to accommodate three members of the group with eating restrictions....I have been recommending the experience non-stop since enjoying it a couple of days ago!" - Tamara

"This was our first [dining] experience [with Shuchi], and it was fantastic! I was not sure what to expect but Shuchi was a welcoming host and made the whole experience easy and fun! The food was delicious and there were so many different tapas, the variety and presentation were great. I highly recommend her for any first timers or Indian food lovers :)" - Corinne

"I wanted [Bon Appétit Magazine's] Art department team to experience EatWith and we selected Shuchi's Indian Tapas dinner. The location is spectacular, with dramatic views of NYC. The food exquisite and beautifully presented. Shuchi is such a graceful host, we can't thank her enough for the amazing culinary experience" - Carlos

"Chef Shuchi prepared a delicious and creative lunch for our office. Her Indian Tapas are unique, both in form and in flavor. Shuchi also has a sweet presence and was so easy to work with. You will for sure not be disappointed!" - Isabelle

"The fishcakes with sriracha aioli were sublime and I loved her equally creative and delicious interpretation of Indian-inspired bread pudding! Her food was awesome and she was an extremely pleasant and caring host for our office of 25+ hungry people. I hope to book her for my own friends and family at some point!" - Jeffrey

"I did the Vegetarian Wonderland dinner and it was spectacular! I cannot do justice to the brilliant mix of flavors. I'm a carnivore, but didn't miss meat for a moment. Truly a unique dining experience - Shuchi's dishes were an homage to traditional indian cuisine, but like nothing I've had before. Cannot wait for her next meal."- Chris

"An outstanding cook and host, it was a pleasure to meet Shuchi. The food and the view (when the fog finally gave way) were delightful! I organized a girls night with work colleagues and the experience exceeded everyone's expectations. Will definitely be back!" - Ina